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What’s in a Name?

January 14, 2008

hearth_cricket.jpg One of the hardest parts of starting a blog is coming up with a name. A name says so much, it sets the foundation or the tone for all that is to come. Cricket’s Hearth is an unusual name (which I will warn you all now, I am a bit unusual), so I thought I would start by giving some background information on how the name came to be.

Cricket has been a family nickname since I was only 3 days old. I was very small. . . just over 5 pounds, the smallest baby to be born in my family in many, many years. As the story goes, my Uncle Ralph came to visit on my first day home and when he walked up to my crib, he made a big issue out of not being able to find me. Of course I was there and I was making noises. So Uncle Ralph said, “I don’t see a baby in here! There’s just this little cricket, can’t you hear her chirping?” And so the name stuck. Yes, 56 years later my father still calls me Cricket!

So that’s the first part of my blog name. The Hearth part was actually suggested by a very dear friend, Greatful Livin (be sure to check out her blog, she is listed in my blog roll). She said people put a cricket statue on their hearth to bring them good luck. I did a web search and sure enough crickets are said to foretell good luck (you would have thought that in 56 years I would have heard of that!). Their songs are said to bring blessings to all that are lucky enough to hear them (hmmmm, I don’t know that everyone would consider themself lucky to hear me sing!). In many parts of the world, a cricket found in the house will be treated with respect (wow, I wish my ex would have known that!). Often, they are placed in small cages made especially for them, given food and water (ahhh, now that is sounding familiar), and hopefully able to live a long life, as the longer they live, the more good luck they bring. Others say to leave them as they are, and if they stay, it means large amounts of money will come to the owners of the dwelling (now there is no guarantee if you check out my blog everyday this will happen, anything’s possible, but no guarantees!).

So the name, Cricket’s Hearth is born. It is my sincere goal to bring if not good luck to all who enter my domain, at least a little peace of mind and some happiness. I know keeping the home fires burning is not always easy!

I am a mid-50’s, single, working grandmother trying to adjust to living a different life in “my golden years” than what I had envisioned. Instead of enjoying the fruits of a long marriage, I have had to start over a couple of times. At this point in my life, I thought I would be enjoying the good life of having the homestead’s mortgage paid off, seeing the cheating husband finally grown up and being faithful, gaining satisfaction from the children’s graitude for all I had sacrificed for them, and delighting in “Hallmark Holidays” with the grandchildren. But that was a dream and this is reality. Not that I have a terrible life, just not the one I had envisioned.

I believe there are many grandparents like me out there in cyberworld. If you relate to any of what I have said, I invite you to come on in and set a spell (my grandmother used to say that to visitors). Sometimes we will laugh and sometimes we will cry, and we will always praise the Lord. Welcome to Cricket’s Hearth!

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  1. January 14, 2008 4:16 pm

    Very nice “first” post, Cricket! I will be telling everyone about you…so get all your pages done. I wanted to pass something along…Suprina at is asking for help or ideas for a science fair project (2) I know you are an expert when it comes to science fair so you may want to head over and give her some ideas. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. February 24, 2008 1:23 pm

    Thanks for visiting my Sunday Scribblings post… as you said you were a “technologically challenged grandma” I thought I’d see what you’d written on your blog about yourself…

    I’m only 7 years younger than you, but having no children can’t hope to become a grandma…

    I like the name Cricket’s Hearth – it seems warm and cheery.

    ~ Wow, thank you for visiting and for coming all the way back to my first post.

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