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January 26, 2008

umakemesmile.jpgThis is turning out to be an interesting Friday night. I have received my first award and have been tagged twice today, How much more fun can a girl have on a Friday night I asked you? LOL

 As ususal, I have gotten lost in tumbling from one blog to another this evening in chasing down the process of being TAGGED. I am assuming the phrase TAGGED is taken from the children’s game of tag. It appears that someone taps you on your blogg and you are “it” until you tag how ever many people the TAGGED rules declares. Cool, this could be fun. And what creativity to combine an award, a meme and a tag. Now there is someone with a great career in marketing!

Now that greatfullivin has tagged me, I am it to . . . tell 4 Things About MeMe

4 Jobs I have had . . .

1. Human Resource Manager – I sincerely love to help people succeed in their workplace, we spend too much time on a job not to enjoy what we do

2. Restaurant Owner – I refer to this as my 1st Degree with a Major in Human Nature and a Minor in (what not to) Finance

3. Realtor – a real feast or famine occupation

4. Mattress Inspector – stop laughing! who do you think ensures that seam around your mattress is secure? Yeah, never thought about it did ya, just took it for granted, well, that was me making sure the seam wouldn’t rip apart leaving you to fall into the inner springs. You can thank me now! LOL

4 Movies I watch over & over . . 

1. Shawshank Redemption 

2. The Green Mile

3. Love Comes Softly

4. The Christmas Story                                                     

4 Places I have lived . . .

1. Holmes County, Ohio – home to the largest settlement of Amish in the world

2. Brown County, Indiana – a lot like Holmes County but with friendlier people

3. Cleveland, Ohio – the mistake on the lake and a big mistake in my life

4. Memphis, Tennessee – yes, I did meet Elvis in June of 1969. . .  he was in his prime!


4 Shows I watch . . .

1. Law and Order

2. Frazier

3. Golden Girls

4. Jeopardy


4 Places I have been . . .

1. An Indian reserve in upper Canada on a mission’s trip

2. Las Vegas

3. Florida – Miami, Disney World

4. Virgina Beach


4 People who e-mail me . . .

1. Greatfullivin

2. Dawn

3. Carol

4. Renee


4 Favorite things to eat . . .

1. Potatoes – fried, mashed, scalloped, creamed, cheesy, sweet (I never met a potato I didn’t like!)

2. Soup – most any kind

3. Pot Roast

4. Ice Cream


4 Places I would rather be . . .

1. At the beach, any beach

2. In the mountains, preferably in a cabin with a hot tub

3. On my couch, with my blankie

4. Anywhere with my grandchildren


4 Things I look forward to this year . . .

1. Losing weight

2. Visiting my friends in Indiana

3. Playing in a Texas Holdem fundraising tournament

4. Finding a church home

4 People I am tagging . . .

The Gal Herself

Laisy Daisy

Joy Dance


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  1. January 26, 2008 4:30 am

    Here I am, Ms. Hearth, prepared to cut and paste this meme and ready to play along! Thanks for thinking of me and stop by to compare our answers …

  2. January 26, 2008 7:20 am

    Thank you for stopping by. I just might need your help for a cover letter. I have some examples, but I don’t think they are right for me. My e-mail address is I will be applying for a Directors postion for a College Bound Organization. They being their work with 8th graders and work with them through college. I do have help from the college I gradurated from, but the individual can not see me for two weeks. My degree is is Organization, Leadership, and Surpervision. I am very interested in woring in Health and Safety. And of cource, I want to do God’s will.

    Thank you for participating in the MeMe. I am glad to meet you. Have a great Saturday.

    Love and Hugs,

  3. January 26, 2008 9:53 am

    Very nicely done! Now…who would have thought blogging would be so much fun? It looks like you are making lots of new friends and having a ball! Blessings!

  4. January 27, 2008 7:49 am

    Thanks for the tag… will post mine soon! :o)

  5. January 31, 2008 11:19 pm

    That mattress inspector is not something everyone can lay claim to! That was fun to read.

    Hi and thanks for stopping by. Yes, you are correct. I usually get raised eyebrows when I mention that “job skill.” Blessings, Cricket

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