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Talking Out Both Sides of His Mouth

September 25, 2008

President Bush has now mastered the art of “taking out both sides of his mouth.” I heard this term used many years ago by my grandmother in a conversation she was having with my parentsabout President Nixon. I found the phrase to be quite amusing then, but after watching President Bush’s address to the nation last night, I have come to realize just how dangerous this skill can be.

The Idioms Dictionary defines “talking out both sides of your mouth” as “to say different things to different people about the same subject.” Many politicians have used this skill both successfully and unsuccessfully. I believe our President has taken this skill to a whole new level. After listening to his address last night, I found myself thinking, “How stupid does he think we are?” President Bush has put a twist on talking out of both sides of his mouth. Instead of saying different things to different people about the same subject, he is saying different things to the same people about the same subject, and he thinks he can scare us into not realizing it.

A few weeks back, during the bail out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, President Bush assured our nation that any monies we had in our local bank was guaranteed by the FDIC up to the $100,000 limit per account. Now we can have more than one account of up to $100,000 (I would be thrilled to have only one!), but they have to be in different names, say one in your name, one in your spouse’s name, and one in both of your names. Then, you can go and open more accounts like these in another bank or banks. Regardless of how many different legitimate accounts you have in your local banks, they are all guaranteed by our government through the FDIC. I find it interesting President Bush did not emphasis this again last night in his latest appeal concerning our economy. Instead of assuring us the FDIC protection of our money is the same now as it was a few weeks ago, he put the fear of possibly losing our money we have in our local bank if we did not go along with his plan to bail out Wall Street. I believe his failing to assure us again about the FDIC was the same as saying different things to the same people about the same subject. His goal last night was to scare us into stop calling and emailing our Senators and Congressmen to urge them to vote no on Bush’s bailout plan, which many of us have been doing. Why, we ask, would he purposely mislead us now into thinking we could lose the relatively few dollars we have saved in our local bank? MONEY, BIG MONEY for him and those like him!

I think the American public needs to stop and think about all that has been reported and investigated in the past 10 days. Very few, if any, people believe a bail out of Wall Street is a long-term fix to our economic situation. Almost all television and Internet commentators call this a short-term fix. Our economy is in dire trouble. I agree with Glenn Beck, a political commentator on CNN, who liken our economy to an airplane that is going to crash. A few things can be done to prolong the inevitable, but the inevitable will happen, both the airplane and our economy is going to crash. So why enter into a very costly short-term fix for our economy? I think the answer is time. Much needed time for the big boys of Wall Street to finagle what they can to reduce their losses. If we do not bail out Wall Street now, they stand to loose millions and millions of dollars right now. If we do not bail out Wall Street now, we, the average person struggling to buy groceries and gas for our car, will still receive our money we have in our local bank from the FDIC. I believe we need to save the $700+ billion to ensure the FDIC will have the funds to pay its guarantees for local bank deposits. I think we need to make sure our government has money to bail out our money, not the risky investments of greedy Wall Street geniuses.

Many years ago, in a paper I wrote for a college assignment, I said, “America has evolved from the land of opportunity for all to the land of a few opportunists.” President Bush and his Wall Street cronies are opportunists whose time has come. It is time to shut them down. Yes, even with the FDIC bail out of “our” money, we will have very tough times for many years. But people, it is going to happen anyways. Why allow our President to protect the ones who have created this mess? They need to suffer along with the rest of us.

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  1. September 26, 2008 10:20 pm

    I got an excellent email about this! It was hilarious…but oh so painfully true! I’ll try and remember to forward it over to you!

  2. September 28, 2008 9:59 am

    I agree with you completely. If anyone should be bailed out it should be the people who need the money in their accounts to survive. Big business will live to fight another day. I think Bush is also guilty of another type of syndrome – Talking Loud And Saying Nothing!

  3. adamswife permalink
    September 30, 2008 1:43 pm

    I saw Russell Crowe on The Tonight Show yesterday. He has a solution for our economy (He’s Australian). I think I like his solution better than anything the politicians have so far proposed. He says we should take the proposed bail-out money, divide it evenly among all the people of the United States, and let them “stimulate” the economy with actual money in their hands to spend for what they deem necessary – you know: food, utilities, gasoline, etc. I gotta say I like that a whole lot better than bailing out the fat cats whose greed got us into this situation to begin with.

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