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Catching Up with Friday Feast & Share a Site Saturday

April 13, 2008

I can hardly believe it is Sunday evening at 8:30pm! Where has the weekend gone? I know I have been very tired this past week, so much so that it has given me pause for concern enough to actually make a doctor’s appointment, and I was so thankful for the weekend just to take a breather, but geez, where did the weekend go?!? Well better late than never, as my grandmother used to say. So without further ado, but with sincere apologies for my tardiness, I present:

Appetizer: Name one person you can fully trust. I am blessed to actually have three people in my life that a feel I can fully trust; my father, my son and my best friend.
Soup: What do you like about your hometown? I like the safety that comes from a rural community. Crime is at a minimum here, with only an occassional murder every 10-15 years or so. Although we normally lock our doors at night and when we go away, it is not a major concern if we forget.
Salad: Share a moment you really love. The first that came to mind was the birth of Caleb, my grandson. I was permitted to be in the birthing suite and had a “ring-side seat” for his entrance into this world. Although I have had six pregancies, this experience gave me a total different perspective on the miracle of childbirth. It is truly a site to behold – only the Lord could have designed this!
Main Course: Share something special about your loved one. I am currently unattached and I am assuming this refers to either a spouse, boyfriend or significant other. But being the rebel without a cause, I will put my own spin on this and share something special about the man I do live with and love very much – my father. My father is a meat and potatoes man. His idea of a meal consists of a serving of meat and some type of potato. I can also have a salad or other vegetables or fruits, but the man isn’t happy without his daily dose of meat and potatoes. 
Dessert: What product can you not live without? Noxema to wash my face with and Oil of Olay lotion for moisturizing. I have used both faithfully more than 99% of every morning of my life since 1979.


Last week I shared five friends’ blogs that participate in my other blog/meme, Slice of Life Sunday, as contributing writers. I want to share a few more new comers to my writitng project this week.

Texas Tanya is a mother of two boys who came into their home as foster children and won over the love of Tanya and her hubby to become their adopted children. Tanya has a wonderful way of telling the tales of two boys, pets and a boundless concern for others. I was drawn into her blog by her heading: As a parent, the days are long . . . but the years are short.  As a grandparent, I completely agree with her statement!

This, That & the Other Thing is an interesting baby boomer, aka Irishcoda, who has a whole housefull of adventures to write about. She has a large family of 5 children and 5 grandchildren and a whole mess of cats! She shares many wonderful pictures of her family and their adventures. She also enjoys participating in several memes and I am so pleased she has chosen to paritcipate in Slice of Life Sunday. In addition to TT &tOT, she also is the webmaster for Snapshot Memories, where she has taken to posting her slice of life stories.

My Name is Danielle is a psychology professor and also provides counseling for pre-school children through different Florida agencies. She is the mother of a teenage daughter – to which I give all my sympathies! Danielle has been writing for sometime and has as an extra on her blog of her writings from The Bipolar Diaries, which was her first blog. I became very excited to have Danielle as a contributing writer for Slice of Life Sundays when I read in her “about me” that she believes “everything in our lives is just ‘a matter of perspective’.” This is the goal of Slice of Life Sunday – to put the pieces of our lives into perspective.

 I was hoping to get everyone else on this week but it is now 10pm ( as usual I could not simply log into the above blogs to copy their address without staying for a visit) and I must get to bed.

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  1. April 14, 2008 4:49 pm

    Dear blogging friend,
    My meme tag response is up. You can go right here. Be there or be square. 😀
    Yours truly,
    The Apron Queen

  2. April 14, 2008 9:24 pm

    Thank you for the shout out and the wonderful write up :)….I decided to take a bloggy break this week – but I will definitely be there for the Slice of Life on Sunday 😉

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